Ion Tape2PC cassette deck

Turn your cassette tapes into digital files.


Most oral history projects and organisations have archives of cassettes - made some time ago, gently decaying year by year, and not well suited to our digital age. They do need to be digitised and the TAPE 2 PC is a convenient way to manage the process.

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TAPE 2 PC is a revolutionary tape deck that plays and records tapes, with a twist: it has a convenient USB connection so you can plug straight into your Mac or PC.

Just plug TAPE 2 PC into your computer using the provided USB cable, install the software and start converting your old cassettes.

TAPE 2 PC includes EZ Tape Converter for PC and EZ Audio Converter for Mac, which help you import your music directly into iTunes. The software included with TAPE 2 PC is the most hassle-free way to convert your entire library.* 

When you're finished archiving your cassettes to your computer, TAPE 2 PC can connect to your stereo system using standard RCA cables for convenient cassette listening in your living room, garage, or wherever your stereo system resides.

Upgrading your favorite recordings has never been easier.

  • Transfer music on your tapes to MP3
  • Dual-dubbing cassette deck
  • Plug and Play USB conection: no drivers needed!
  • Works with Metal and CrO2 tapes
  • EZ Tape Converter (PC) and EZ Audio Converter (Mac) software for hassle-free recording


Inquit's helpful guidance!

Digitising tapes allows you to:

  • preserve them for longer as tapes are always slowly deteriorating
  • save them to hard disk, RAID, etc
  • make CDs and DVDs of the recordings
  • make versions for the web, listening posts, iPad, etc
  • make them accessible!

How do you digitise tapes? 

The process is to play out the tape on a cassette deck and input the audio to a device which can turn it into digital binary data - this could be a PC (Mac or Windows) or a digital recorder.

Let's assume you want to do it on a PC:

  • put tape into Ion tape deck
  • connect USB cable from Ion to PC
  • set up PC sound settings to "listen" to the USB input
  • start audio recording software on the PC (suggest not the software that comes with the unit, but Amadeus for Mac, or Acoustica for Windows); adjust output level 
  • press play on the tape deck and the recording should be under way.

Points to bear in mind:

  1. it is a real time process - if your tape lasts 80 minutes, the recording will take 80 minutes; you will need to record a test recording to ensure the level is correct.
  2. the Ion tape deck quality is best described as 'OK to good' - not superb, but not terrible. A better tape deck would produce better digitised audio but they are now very hard to get hold of. If you still have a really good cassette deck from the past KEEP IT, as it may well produce better results.
  3. BUT - because cassette recordings were not always very good anyway, a better tape deck may make the digitised recordings sound worse than a less good deck, because it is picking up all the grotty stuff from the tape which the poorer deck misses.

Digitising isn't fun, but it needs to be done.

suggest you don't use the software that comes with the unit, but Amadeus for Mac, or Acoustica for Windows instead.

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